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Calculating Your Benefit

SCERA has three different ways to calculate your monthly benefit:

1.  Your first and best option is to log in to your MySCERA account and generate your estimate using your most current salary information.  If you have not created a MySCERA account, now is the time to do so.  If you no longer have the enrollment letter that we sent you, please contact our main line (707-565-8100) so that we can resend this.

2.  Click on your plan below and follow the example of how to manually calculate your unmodified monthly amount.  For other benefit payment options, you will have to use MySCERA.

Plan A Calculation

Plan B Calculation

3.  Request a formal estimate be done.  This option should be reserved for those members who have the following situations:

    • If you plan to leave employment before you are eligible to retire.
    • If you have transferred to a reciprocal system.
    • If there is a split benefit domestic relations order on file.
    • Within one year of your projected retirement date and you have not had an audit of your account completed. See How to Retire for more information.