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My Pension Check

What makes Direct Deposit so Good?

  • It’s Convenient - Your money is automatically deposited into your account.  No more having to go to the bank or stand in line to deposit your money.
  • It’s Reliable - Your money will always be in the account you specify, even if you are out of town or ill.  
  • It’s Safe - Unlike a paper check, it will never be lost, stolen, destroyed, or forged.
  • It’s Easy - Just complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit it today or log in to your MySCERA account to set it up electronically.
  • It’s Fast - Your money is in your account at the opening of your financial institution’s business day, and you can withdraw any of your money on the same day.
  • It’s Free - There’s no charge for this service, and some financial institutions even offer incentives like “free checking”, etc. if you have your money directly deposited into your account with them.

Direct Deposit is highly recommended for all new retirement, survivor, and disability payments for your security.  

Benefit Verification Letter

Retirees can request a Benefit Verification Letter by contacting SCERA. The letter will be prepared within 48 hours and mailed to the address on file. Please plan your request accordingly to allow for this required processing time.

Address Change

If you move, temporarily or permanently, please update your address by logging into your MySCERA account. You may also complete a new Address Change form. SCERA must receive your new completed form by the 15 th of the month for the change to be effective the month-end following receipt. If your form is received later than the 15 th of the month, the change will be effective for the following month-end payment. 

Pay Dates

  • January 31, 2024
  • February 29, 2024
  • March 29, 2024
  • April 30, 2024
  • May 31, 2024
  • June 28, 2024
  • July 31, 2024
  • August 30, 2024
  • September 30, 2024
  • October 31, 2024
  • November 27, 2024
  • December 31, 2024