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Getting Ready to Retire

Some members start their retirement planning from the day they are hired. Others are overwhelmed by the thought of such a major life-changing decision.

Retirement experts use the analogy of the "three legged stool" that provides a secure foundation for you. Those three elements are: (1) Your pension; (2) Social Security, and (3) Your own savings.

    County and Superior Court employees contribute to Social Security, and you may have been contributing to a personal savings plan, such as deferred compensation. For contact information for Nationwide Deferred Compensation and Social Security please visit our Resource Center.

    When it comes to your pension, there are many valuable tools on this website, and SCERA staff is always here to help you.  We recommend that you print out our Pre-Retirement Checklist to use as a guide.

    Retirement Seminars are offered to give you a general understanding of your pension and how it works. SCERA offers two different seminars:

    • The Path to Retirement (early to mid-career)
    • Planning to Retire (late career)

    MySCERA - This online tool allows you to prepare a retirement benefit estimate by simply entering the date you plan to retire. MySCERA will calculate your benefit based on your actual service credit and highest average compensation, projected to your retirement date.

    What do I do? Looking to retire? Visit our How to Retire page.

    And always, if you have questions, just give us a call.