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Know Your Benefits

Throughout your career, while you are a contributing member of SCERA, you might want to check to see how you are progressing on your path to retirement. By logging into MySCERA you will see the balance of your contributions and interest, how much service credit you have accrued, and calculate estimated retirement benefits based on chosen retirement dates.

You might also take a moment to consider some of the topics in this section to make sure you have done everything you can to plan for your secure future.

  • Life Events — What happens if you are divorced or if you become disabled before retirement? These life events might have an effect on your retirement.
  • Leaving Before Retirement — Not every member continues to work for a SCERA-covered employer until retirement. What happens if you decide to leave your job before you are eligible to retire? If you do leave before retirement, be sure to contact SCERA regarding your options, which include a refund of the contributions you have made to the Plan, and the interest your contributions have earned.

Remember, it's never too early to plan for your retirement! What you do for your retirement plan today could reward you in the future.